Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Music Tuesday - Jason Eady and Brian Keane

Happy Tuesday friends!  Today's releases have been much anticipated on Hurricane Highway and throughout social media.  I actually preordered both these albums before I had heard all of the tracks.  I am sure glad I did, it was the best twenty bucks I have spent this month. 

Brian Keane - Coming Home

I have been ready to listen to the whole cd because of the radio release Barlights.  Even after hearing home all the way through, it is still the song I keep coming back to.  From the lyrics to the production that builds with the song, I can't get enough.   The story of running into a figure from your past and catching up over a beer or two only to realize neither of you have changed from what ended your relationship is compelling and just plain real.  Produced by his wife Rachel Loy (also producer of Rose Queen by William Clark Green)  Home features songs that come across as a place in time for where Brian was at during the making of it.  Birth of child, miles on the road, and reflection on how those moments make you into the person you are.  Strong tracks on Coming Home are Finally Free a song about what happens when a relationship ends and all your are left with is the freedom to do whatever you want...only now all you realize is you're just lonely.  Do Something Wrong the story of a man looking for a reason to break up with the good girl he feels he is stuck with.  What You're Missing is a groovy blues man done the woman wrong tune.  If there was ever a song a video should be made for I think it would be this one.  Coming Home is well worth the wait and well worth adding to your music collection. Brian will be at Cheatham Street Saturday night for his cd release shindigs. 

 Daylight and Dark is everything that I associate with classic timeless country music and everything I wish country music still sounded like.  With the steel guitar breaking your heart on nearly every track it is a much welcome edition to the Jason Eady Version of Adam Hood's song Late Night Diner.  Jason is doing some of his most consistent and best writing now.   I am actually going to make a bold statement and say this is his best work year to date.  Every track is like going back in time to days of Merle, Willie, Johnny, George, and so many of those guys.  I could easily see these songs being sung by them.  The title track shows the feelings of man who drinks his nights away trying to just make it through the day everyday.   Lonseome, Down, and Out  makes its appearance on this disk which I have always enjoyed as part of his live show.  It is one of those songs that can be sped up or slowed down and still sounds great.  My two favorite tracks are the duets that show up on here. The first We Might Just Miss Each Other with Courtney Patton and A Memory Now with Evan Felker (Turnpike Troubadours) and Hayes Carll.  Jason will be at Gruene this weekend with Mike and The Moonpies as part of his cd release tour.  That is going to be quite the show. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

New Music Alert - Chad Sullins and Last Call Coalition

The guys of chad sullins and last call coalition have been hard at work getting ready for the release of wicked spell. Here is the first single and video from them. Look for wicked spell to be released on February 3rd on all the places you can buy music at.  I am sad I missed seeing the guys when they were up at Steamboat.  Looks like the closest they will get to San Antonio is in March in Austin. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gone Too Soon

It is with great sadness that I heard the bad news of Jeff Strahan. He was a great musician and friend to many.  When I lived in New Braunfels in I was lucky to get to see him many, many times.  Both with his band and often times with the guys of Texas Renegade when they invited him up to the stage.  He was a brilliant bluesman.  He will be will missed. 


Steamboat A GoGo

I am back and some what recovered from the Steamboat Plague.  (They do not tell you about that in the pamphlet.)  I keep getting the same questions.  Was it worth it?  Would you go again?  Was it cold?  The answer to all three of those is a big fat YES! I will just learn from all the rookie mistakes of this year, like no going back to the room for a cat nap.  You might not wake up in time and miss all the fun.  Ya, that really did happen on my last night.  Damn Plague.  I would be here all day if I told you every story that popped in my head.  So I decided to do some of my favorite highlights.  
  • Dean Dillon - Here is my first rookie mistake of the fest.  I didn't know you needed tickets to get into the tribute they were doing for him this year. Which meant I couldn't get into to see it.   (womp, womp)  So I missed that.  What I didn't miss was him song swapping with some of my favorite songwriters and performers.  First with Stoney and Paul Thorn.  I knew some of Dean's song catalogue, and I wasn't expecting Dean to be this compelling character on stage.  To hear him sing his own words was quite an emotional and humbling experience.  In another life I had a Kenny Chesney cd (I know! Stop judging me right now.) On this cd, it featured the Dillon penned song A lot of things different.  To be honest I hated the song.  Kenny talking for most of the lyrics. No, just shut up.  When Dean did this song, you knew this was written by a man who believed those things he said he wanted to do and didn't.  The people in the crowd were quiet.  People were crying to the lyrics, including me and my buddy Spencer who were in the back corner of the room.  When the song was over a ballroom of three hundred people gave him a standing ovation.  In awe of what they just witnessed.  Paul Thorn had to follow that up and he himself was just as amazed as we were. 

  • Will Hoge - We all know Will is like my Bruce Springsteen.  I was at the front of the stage for the whole show.  Which I completely forgot was on stagehop.  So there I was in the front row, singing and dancing like a crazy woman.  It was worth it though.  Will put on a stellar and memorable show as always.  His band is soooo soooo good.  They are also the nicest guys in the world too. 
  • Lincoln Durham - This one man band did nothing but impress everyone everywhere he went during musicfest.  This guy can do it all from one spot on the stage.  One of the coolest things to see was happening off stage almost every band member that wasn't playing this evening was standing by the sides of the stage to catch this man do work. The cool thing was to see all the folks in the ballroom really get into the show and actually pay attention.  Kudos to Lincoln. Also don't forget Lincoln is going to be at Sam's burger joint on the 23rd.  If you haven't gotten to see him yet, I suggest you get on it.

  • Dung Beetle Saloon - This to me was the place to be.  From open mics everyday to cool acoustic performances by bigger name artists.  There was something for everyone there.  It apparently was the most popular place to be, because once you left there was no way you were going to get back in.  This is designed to be a listening room.  If you were in early enough it was.  In the evening though, it was a little harder to listen, everyone was full of drinks and ready to chat. 
There is a lot to take in when you get to Steamboat.  I never even made it to the big tent for what is always the big names.  Truth be told, I probably won't next year either.  If there was one show I felt like I really missed out on it was the Uncle Lucius tent show.  The power went out and the band proceeded to play acoustic for a grateful audience.  I got to catch Gary P. Nunn jamming on the piano more than once. Also it was really cool to see the artists come out and support each others shows.  You could tell they were just as big of fans as the rest of us.  It was a fun experience, I am gearing up for again next year.  If I ever recover from this sickness.  Below are some of the pics from my trip. 
Kelly Willis
Braun Brothers at Carl's Tavern

 Wade and Cody at Carl's
 Zane Williams
 Wade watching Zane taking the stage.
  Steven Roloff
  Host of the Dung Beetle Open Mic Matt Skinner and his band.
 John Goolsby
 Haley Cole
 Jack Ingram Barefoot and Crazy on the outdoor stage while snow comes down.
 Lincoln Durham
 Open Mic at Dung Beetle Saloon
 Donovan Lee
Stoney acoustic with Dean Dillon and Paul Thorn.

 Kelly Mckwee
 Kelly, Jason Eady, and Jamie Wilson
 With Courtney Patton
 Dirty River Boys on the outdoor stage.

 BJ from American Aquarium helping the guys out on stage.
 Cameran Nelson chats with Rebecca Creek Radio.
 Micky from the Motorcars chats with Rebecca Creek Radio.
 Walt Wilkins listens as Bruce Robison, LeeAnn Womack, JD Souther, and Dean Dillon swap songs.
 Walt's turn at the mic.

 American Aquarium at Dung Beetle Saloon.
 Turnpike on the outdoor stage.

 John D. Hale

Will Hoge 

 Paul Thorn
 Joseph Dailey