Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Music Tuesday - Thieving Birds

Thieving Birds came out with their newest album today Gold Coast. Lead Singer Ace Crayton was kind enough to indulge us in a little q and a about the new album and the band. In listening to the cd it is the perfect follow up to their last album which featured songs like Hey, Leigh and Stuck In Memphis. Both of which were receiving some pretty good radio spins on KNBT.  This disk lets the guys keep building on bluesy southern sound they will be continue to be known for.  The standout for me was Graveyard Love. Other notable tracks on here are Brother Ryan (which I think should be the next radio single),  In The Summer, and In Your Arms.  The guys have some shows coming up in our area this month. They will be playing at RiverRoad Icehouse on the 4th with Sister C and Django Walker.  Then on the 26th they will be opening for my favorite Chris Knight at Floore's.   I think this will be the record for the summer.  Makes we wish I had a jeep or convertible to cruise down to the beach with this all the way. 


Who are Thieving Birds? How did y'all come together?
Thieving Birds are Rody Molder (Bass), Beau Brauer (Drums), John Seidler (Lead Guitar), Ace Crayton (Vocals and Guitar)… We’ve been friends and musical acquaintances for at or over a decade… Several of us have played together in other bands and in 2010 the stars aligned and we were able to get together. It was immediately comfortable with everyone having known each other for so long.
How did the band come up the name?
We’re all Silverchair fans and took our name from the title of a song off of their album ‘Young Modern’.
For someone that hasn't seen y'all before, how would you describe your music to them?
It’s high-energy rock and roll with a lot of blues, roots and country influence.

How does this album differ from last one?
This album is more mature; the first album was conceived and recorded in a 3 month time period… we were together in September and then recording in January. So having a couple of years playing and writing together and learning more about each other allowed us to play off of each other much more fluidly. Also, Gold Coast is a much more stripped down album, it’s mostly just the 4 of us… no Background Vocals… No frills. We wanted it to be as close to the live sound as possible.
Tell me about the process of making this album and how it all came together.
We started writing it as soon as we finished the last album; we wanted time to get the feel of the songs live so that the live energy would translate into whatever we cut in the studio. We worked with Erik Herbst at The Panhandle House in Denton, TX. He’s a terribly nice guy and a brilliant engineer so recording was enjoyable as always.
What does the rest of 2013 hold in store for the band?
Shows, shows, shows in support of ‘Gold Coast’. Working up some new tunes, we like to write a lot and always have a constant stream of ideas going… so rather than let that fizzle we like to keep it streaming. Also mourning the loss of NBC’s The Office.
Any gigs that you want to brag about coming up?
We lack the confidence to brag, but we can promise you that every show will be the best show you’ve ever seen.
As a band y'all have had the chance to play gigs with many different artists, is there any one piece of advice that you have been given that stuck with you? 
Show up on time for van call- Steve Gorman
If you could tell one crazy from the road story, what would it be?  You can change names of the parties involved if needed.
We don’t usually participate in hijinks.
I am sure you have seen and heard some great music out on the road.  Have you seen any  bands or musicians out there that the rest of us should give a listen to also?
Quaker City Night Hawks are an amazing band… The Orbans are a killer band as well. There’s a lot of talent in Fort Worth it’s a great place to catch live music these days.
What has been your most memorable gig so far? What was so special about it?
Music Fest in Steamboat was a great experience, seeing all the people that come there with a great passion and love for music is invigorating. It makes you feel blessed to be a part of this scene.
 There are always so many music festivals that happen throughout the year, if you could plan your own festival who would be on the lineup?
It would involve a) NASCAR b) Metallica c) Rob Zombie d) 2 free corndogs with admission.
Tell me about the worst gig you ever had.
Early on there was a night that the bands played for each other because no one else was there; and we had flat when we loaded up… When it rains it pours.
As an artist, how do you define success?
Being happy doing it while making a living.
If you could give any piece of advice to anyone other band starting out what would it be?
Finish school and be on time.

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