Thursday, June 27, 2013

How Did I Miss This Guy? - John Moreland.

Do you ever feel like you missed the boat on something?  I was recently pointed in the direction of John Moreland.  How have I never heard of this guy before? I am not sure, but I think he is some kind of best kept secret in Oklahoma. With a voice that could easily pass for Paul Thorn, his lyrics are honest, thoughtful, and haunting.  I just really want to know how I have missed out on this talented guy.

I don't mean to get away from the focus of our local area here.  Sometimes though I when I find something as good as this, I have to share.  It makes me want to stand on soapbox with a megaphone and scream at the dummies who only listen to what the program directors shove at them to listen to.  If it wasn't a multi million dollar investment I would start my own station.  I actually come from a long line of radio people.  My grandpa used to own a radio station in Floresville.  KWCB, He ran it and my Aunt, Dad, and cousin Alice all dj'd there.  I have some fun memories of that little building. I also liked that it was down the street from Dairy Queen...Always the chubster.  Unfortunately when my grandpa passed away, the station was no more.  Alas though here is my way of getting to the masses (or dozens in this case).  Anyway off my soap box and memory lane.

Here is a sampling of John and his music.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Music Tuesday - The Day After Edition

Vinyl Mando Saenz - Studebaker

This is the Vinyl release.  Studebaker has actually been out since early June.  However, for me I hadn't heard it till a few days ago.  You might not have heard of Mando Saenz before, however if you have the Stoney Larue Velvet cd - Mando was the songwriter on most of those songs.  He is also a cowriter for Bottle Into Gold, that Wade Bowen has previously recorded. Click here  to read up on Mando .  From this disk I was surprised to hear Bottle Into Gold as a faster song.  I only knew it as a ballad.  That took some getting used to...frankly I am not used to it. I prefer it as a ballad.  KNBT has been playing the track that title of the disk inspired. Pocket Change which caught my attention as soon as I heard it.  The song that I kept coming back to listen to on this was the most rock song on here called Colorado.   The guitar riffs on it got my attention.  It reminded of the departed sound. Also check out battle scar on this disk.  I kept coming back to it and the Colorado song.

Jackson Taylor - Crazy Again

Oh Jackson...I have never been a fan of his music but more a fan of his Facebook antics. This guy is more than a little out there.  I wasn't going to listen to his new cd before I wrote about it but I felt like maybe I should give it a little bit of chance.  A long time ago, I think it was in 2009 at one of the last shows I went to at Cowboys some guy handed me a twenty song cd of Jackson Taylor songs.  I gave it a listen and really didn't care for what I heard. Most of it was woman hating songs.  Just not my cup of tea.  Fast forward to now.  I listened to the new stuff and still wasn't impressed. There just wasn't anything that stood out for me.  I did like the amount of steel guitar on it...but lyrics not so much.

Brandy Zdan - Lone Hunter
Also known as the fifth Trisha, Brandy released this indie gem yesterday.  When you see Brandy she is usually playing this cool hollow body guitar.  I have always loved the sound of those guitars.  There is just something about the sound they make and you can hear that same guitar on most of these songs on Lone Hunter.  Brandy also have a really unique voice that is distinctive from the other females out there. Kind of reminds me of Patty Griffin, in that it's not a big booming singing voice but soft and on point.  Great to see her putting out her own music as well. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Music Tuesday - Still Fighting The War

Slaid Cleaves came out with this clever piece of work today. When I talk about songwriters I have a list of about ten that I consistently listen to.  Slaid is in that top ten.  While some might find his music to be too depressing I admire the realistic view of the world.  Even in the most down and out despair the people are in with these songs there is just something whimsical and intriguing that makes me come back for more.  Here are few songs I found online to share with you.  My two favorites off this disk In The Rain and I Bet She Does I can't find anywhere to share with you.  Unfortunately I am not genius enough to figure out how to get them out here. So with that being said check them out on ITunes or Lone Star Music. 
I know I am no where near as influential in the Texas music scene as Mattson Rainer or as funny and cool as Rita Ballou, but I am slightly jealous that I have not had a song written with my name in it. I am just saying that once in my life I want a song with my name dropped in it. So you songwriter peeps, get on that! I am not kidding.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Are You Doing Wednesday Night?

In the last two weeks I haven't been to any shows.  It has been weird.  I am coming out of show retirement this week.  CountyLine BBQ is hosting a local opener finally. Kyle Reed Band is opening for Uncle Lucius.  Sounds like a good enough show to throw myself into.  As always be sure to bring a can food item or cash to donate for  the food bank.  Also don't forget about the after party at Thirsty Horse.  Of Course I missed the good one last week with Jason Eady. I have it on good authority though, that No Justice and Bleu are coming out there soon...This week they have a Luke Olson... That is name I haven't heard since the Outlaw days.  I am going to googalize that name and see what he has been up to.

Full Throttle Radio - Check It Out

Chad Sullins is not just a musician, you can add radio personality to his resume.  Chad has been hosting a weekly radio show on 106.9 KLAP.  The best part of this radio show is, this isn't regular radio.  This friends is internet radio.  So Chad and his band of merry men and women can say what ever they want. Chad features different musicians and songwriters from the Oklahoma music scene.  It's a pretty cool deal... Check it out by clicking here. 

For those of you who don't know who Chad Sullins is, here is my take on his music.

One thing I learned from the show tonight is that Chad and his band stood up to their record company to release his new single Only Girl.  One thing Chad mentioned on the show is the problem with what we hear on the radio is the program directors.  I agree completely. That is why we can't hear a decent song on San Antonio radio to save our life.  So that being said if you dig the song Only Girl - make noise! Request it! Music Snobs unite!

New Music Tuesday

Jason Isbell and Bob Schneider are out with new music today.  Jason with Southeastern and Bob with Burden of Proof. 

I had to listen to this one more than a few times before I could wrap my brain around it.  I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss a lyric, riff, drum note..anything.  This isn't a party album, that is for sure.  It is what Jason does best with his songwriting.  He channels these characters and puts their sadness into words like only he can. One of the best songs is Elephant. A story about a girl who is battling cancer from the point of view of her guy friend.  When I tell you I listened to this disk more than a few times, I think it has bordered on double digits.  I tried to find a flaw in it somewhere...I really couldn't all the songs on this cd have to be listened to.  I think this could be Jason's best work to date.

 When it comes to Bob Schneider albums, I can't really predict what I will hear from him, like I can with other records.   They are always artsy, sometimes too artsy for me.  That was the case with this one.  I really only cared for one song on the whole cd.  This one below.  Normally I like slow songs but when it comes to his music I prefer more the uptempo side.  This cd had way too many slow songs for me.


Weathering a Storm - Josh Weathers Band

The other day I was listening to KNBT.  I heard a song that got my attention. It was one of those stop whatever what I am doing moments.  It was Josh Weathers Band with Keep On was the song.  The song was exactly what I needed to hear at the time.  Sounding much like Sean McConnell in vocals with a band similar to Uncle Lucius, it's different.  In a good way though.  I found this really great article out of the DFW area about Josh, to check it out click here.