Tuesday, December 17, 2013

IPhone, ITunes, and ITips?

There are all kinds of apps and websites that allow us to connect with what is going on in the music industry.  Apps like Bands in town tell you about when your favorite bands are in town.  Sites like Kickstarter and Indie Go Go allow fans to donate to their favorite bands cd projects. You can buy music from your phone. Merch from the online website. What happens though when you're at a show with no cash to tip the band?  Of course you could always get cash from the ATM and pay all the fees that come with it.   Wouldn't it be nice if you could just donate straight to the band with your card.   iTips Music  is working to solve that problem for fans, bands, and everyone in between.  Founded by a team of partners including Dave Fenley, the app is currently being tested with Dave Fenley and his Band.  If the name sounds familiar, yes, it is in fact the guy from America's Got Telent. 

Here is how it all works.  Bands register on the website.  Click here to check out the website.  Once registered, the bands can spread the word to their fans.  Fans download the app.  Much like ITunes, the app will keep your card on file and then from there you can start tipping away.  The  money can then be distributed throughout the band members.

How cool is that?  The app is still in its early stage.  When it is up and running fully this is going to be a game changer for bands.  Be sure to go their Facebook page for all the latest news and information.  I can't wait to see this all happen.  This is going to be huge for everyone involved.

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