Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ladies Who Rock Showcase - Nashville New Wave

I have always admitting openly I hate country radio.  Recently though I was scanning the stations and I came across a song that sounded nothing like the other songs I am used to.  It was actually country.  The thing was I changed the station back to a cd after the song was over and forgot to look the lyrics up when I got to the computer. I blame netflix for all its distractions. That website draws me in.  Heaven help me when Orange is the New Black comes back for the second season you might not hear from me for a while. As luck would have it one morning before work I just happened to have the TV on cmt.  I am really not sure why I stopped there.  That really hasn't been part of my normal routine. The music channels really haven't been in my regular viewing time lately.  Those reality shows stress me out.  Too much drama and yelling. All of a sudden though, this breath of fresh air known as Brandy Clark made me stop.  The lyrics I had forgotten went off like a light bulb.  If you listened to the new Alabama tribute album with Wade on it.  You will recognize Brandy's name from the duet she did of Love in the First Degree. She is also the co writer along with Kasey Musgraves for Mama's Brokenheart. You know the song Miranda Lambert has since won all kinds of awards for.  Recently she released her album 12 Stories this year, which has been raved about by every critic and music snob I know. If you look at all the end of year reviews, I am sure this disk will be on a lot of them.

Next on this list is Holly Williams.  She is a voice that I have listened to for a few years now.  When your grandad is Hank Willliams you have a lot to prove. She brings it though. She is a talented writer as well as vocalist.  This year she released The Highway, her sophomore album which is an overall full cd to add to your collection.  Be on the look out for her to tour with Jason Isbell.  So far there are no Texas dates with them two, but hopefully that will change.  She is due back in San Antonio soon I am sure.  This past March she was scheduled to play Sam's Burger Joint, unfortunately she we was under the weather.  I decided to post her latest video The Highway, as well as Drinking.  I couldn't decide on a favorite.  Lucky for you.

 Since I made mention of her, why not play the new video she debuted yesterday for Follow Your Arrow.


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