Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Greenfest Day One

This is a little late in recapping GreenFest but it was such a fun filled weekend with lots of good music that I couldn't not tell you about it.  This two day music festival was put on by the folks at Galleywinter,  Long before the days of Hurricane Highway and well before blogging was cool there was Galley's website which brought together music snobs from all parts looking for anything relative to Texas Music.  I am not sure on specifics or how the music festival came to be, but somewhere along the way they started GreenFest.  A weekend of live music that consists of some really talented musicians at venues that are willing to hold the masses of people wanting to come together for a good time. A very big shout out and round of applause goes out to everyone that had a hand in the planning and hosting of this event.  You really have no clue how much hard work goes into these things.  All so folks like me can just show up, look cute, and enjoy.

When it came to the first day of this shindig there wasn't a bad act in the lineup.  I have been to other all day shows where there may have been one or two in the lineup that I didn't want to see or consisted of lineups that don't make sense. This wasn't the case here.  I decided to do a little break down of the events as they unfolded band by band.  As you know I suck at photography I am pretty lucky though to have friends that are handy with the cameras and use them to make their livings at different points in time.  My buddy Jeff Dykhuis was in the audience that night and is letting me borrow the images he got.  Thank you buddy!

Quaker City Night Hawks
This is a band that I have heard a lot of buzz about.  A lot of people were telling me that they were good and I needed to see them.  I tried to arrive to Riverroad on time for them.  As I usually do, I was running late.  I did get there in time to see the last part of their set.  I immediately kicked myself for not being on time.  Everything about this band screams cool.  They have this southern rock sound, that shines with the vocals from the lead singer.  I want to catch these guys again and really just watch the whole set. I have been listening to their cd Honcho since the show and really can't get enough of it.. 

Josh Weathers
 I just recently in the last few months started listening to Josh Weathers. When I saw that he was part of the line up I really excited to see him.  He has this bluesy groove sound that I like.  I was impressed with his set that includes a sax and piano player all through out it.  I really want to keep watching Josh and what his band do.   I hope we get to see more big things for them and more shows for them in this area.  Sam's burger Joint or River Road I am talking to you!!
Javi Garcia
If there ever is a band and cd that I am surprised to find myself listening to it is The Great Controversy.  I have seen Javi about a handful of times. Acoustic and full band.  He has a stage presence, that when he sings with those raspy vocals of his I find myself hanging on to every word. He owns the stage for every minute he is on it.  He is not country, not blues, but pure rock and roll. His set was really a highlight of the night for me. 

K. Phillips
 This set by K Phillips was something I wasn't expecting.  There was all kinds of cool stuff happening with his set.  From a punk rock beer shower on the stage to some really great harmonies coming from the talented and definitely the prettiest band members of any band that night,  Little Brave and Brandy Zdan. There is no classifying what genre to put K and The Concho Pearls in but I will tell you this is an electric man and band to see.
Adam Hood
As you know, Adam is a Hurricane Highway favorite.  He played the night before at Hooligans.  A show I am told I really missed out on.  Adam put on a hell of show for his part in Greenfest.  I could probably see this guy once a week and not get bored. If you haven't already listen to him and go see him in concert. You can thank me later.
Uncle Lucius  
When Uncle Lucius came on there wasn't a place to stand up in the front are by the stage.  For good reason, these guys put on a show that you can't take your eyes off of.  That seemed to be a common thread with this night of entertainment.  I stayed for about half the set.  Nothing against the Lucius guys.  My five thirty am morning and work day caught up with me.  I could kick myself for leaving because not long after I left there was an all out JJ Cale tribute that  include any and all the artists still hanging around.  I wish I would have stayed for that. 

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