Sunday, August 11, 2013

Let's go to Luckenbach, TX


If you follow me on twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you know I spent a Saturday night out at Luckenbach, TX recently. Jason Eady and Courtney Patton were opening for Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis.  When I got asked to sell merch for them, it was a no brainer.  I said yes.  After working the day job I set my sights for the road.  Traded in my diamond rings (really it was more like rhinestones, I have no diamonds) and got some boots and faded jeans and drove west. I have a confession to make. I, Lauren Gonzalez had never been to Luckenbach before this trip.  I know, it's a shock.  I will let you come to terms with this confession.  I did the drive through the long winding roads of the hill country and made it in good time from San Antonio to New Braunfels, and to Luckenbach.  I was a tad bit sad that I missed Drew Womack's full set from one to five.  I did get to see the last song he played. One day I will get to see a full set from him.  One day.

With some time to kill between the big show and this, I did my best to avoid the chickens that meander through Luckenbach.  I know everybody is somebody there but the chickens I could do with out.  Here is the part in story time boys and girls where I tell you I have been attacked by more than one rooster in my lifetime.  I have bad luck with feathered animals. I fear them.  One time in my truck I hit a buzzard and killed it...I am pretty sure there is a bad omen associated with that sort of thing. I also fear cows with horns but I will tell that story during another story time episode. 
Soon enough it was time for setting up the merch and sound check.  I was lucky enough to get to sit in the hall while Bruce and Kelly sang various songs to prepare for the night's show.  Getting to hear her sing How I Got To Memphis was pretty cool.  I am not going to lie, I completely geeked out at that.  After sound check everyone went their separate ways for costume changes, dinner, and other pre show preparations. 
When show time hit, Courtney and Jason opened up there set with a duet of Man On A Mountain.  I have seen Courtney and Jason play at least a half a dozen times this year. What I enjoy about seeing them both separately and together is that I always learn something new from them.  Whether it is a new song they have written together or own their own or a classic song that I have never heard before that they just made their own.  They are classic country fans at heart themselves and that shows in their stage shows.  Jason is fixing to come out with his follow up to AM Country Heaven and I even heard there may be a duets album coming from the two of them in the near future.  If you still have not seen either of them live you are missing out.  Jason's full band shows don't get enough credit for being as good as they are. Courtney herself, has a voice that can make everyone in a bar stand up and take notice. I am so happy to see her having success with her latest cd Triggering A Flood.   This night at Luckenbach was magical.  This night of vocal harmonies, steel guitar, and four great songwriters was more than I could ask for. I had never gotten to see Bruce and Kelly before either, so it was interesting to see how they put their show together.  Between the both of them they had more than enough songs to cover a two hour show.  The staples I expected were in there.  His hits like Angry All The Time, Desperately, and Traveling Soldier.  Kelly brought some of my favorites of hers Not Forgotten You, If I Left You, and Heaven Bound. 
It was probably more fun then selling merch should be.  I would like to think I could be a roadie for the rest of my life and be happy. I am always glad to be asked to do these kinds of things.  I remember I asked a seasoned merch/tour manager if he still got excited about hearing the music.  He told for him it was just background noise. I hope that if I get to do more merch gigs that it doesn't turn into background noise.  So till next time it is back to the highway home for me.  I just saw Walt Wilkins will be at Luckenbach this weekend.  I am off from the day job Saturday.  I may just end up back there for Walt.  Who knows. Have a great week everybody.
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