Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Alabama Tribute - The Texas Version

I bet by now you have heard about this album, not to be confused with the Alabama tribute that came out a few weeks ago that featured Jamey Johnson, Aldean, and those Flatts guys.  This is hardly a breaking news post, but I felt like sharing it anyway.  Lucky for you and me, Lightning Rod Records is giving a nice little preview on their sound cloud page of their tribute to the band.  I love Why Lady Why and the slowed down version of Love In The First Degree.  Although my absolute favorite version of that song is done by James Pardo, who slowed it down after seeing a YouTube clip of Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams doing the song.  Jason Isbell and John Paul White's version of Old Flame is an awesome reinvention of the song especially with that acoustic guitar and fiddle on it.   To be honest I was never a huge Alabama fan.  I did once upon a time have a bad ass Alabama baseball tee when I was little that I wish I would have kept, that thing would have been vintage now and cool to have.  Not a bad compilation, there are some interpretations I am not a fan of on here, but that could also be that I wasn't a fan of the song in it's original state. I have not heard the other tribute cd, I really don't want to. If you have listened to both though I am always up for a discussion on your thoughts about it.

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