Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Music Tuesday - Owen Temple

Hello boys and girls.  It is a big week in hurricane highway land.  I have been a lady of leisure for a couple of weeks now.  You would think that with my free time I would have been writing up a storm but inspiration hasn't really hit.  This week  I get to do some fun things. Tomorrow I am going to College Station with James Pardo.  He is playing a show at the Grand Stafford Theater.  Then on Friday I leave with Roadside Libby to travel up to Lewisville for their Western Days Events.  Hopefully none of the parties involved get tired of me and leave me at the nearest bus station back home.  Fingers crossed.

Out today in the land of new releases is Stories They Tell by Owen Temple.  I feel bad for admitting this but, I really wasn't all that versed in Owen and his music till I saw him at Greenfest this past July.  He was part of the song swap that included Drew Kennedy and Josh Grider.  On that night he brought out his songs, as well as those of Gary Floater.  Gary Floater is this character that him and I want to say Adam Carroll created.  The songs are goofy but I couldn't help but stand in awe when I heard them. It was a mix of awe and did he really just say what I think he said.  When I saw this album was coming out today I made a mental note to myself to give a listen.  As I sat there listening to this album, it is simple yet striking.   With lyrics that are concise and meaningful, it is a shame this guy isn't more well known.  Also a shame that I took so long to sit down and listen to all his stuff. My favorite song on this disk is Make Something.  It has this groovy bluesy feeling going for it. Be There Soon this sweet little country number.  Once again I find myself liking this song about life on the road.  What you have here is a song about being gone for a period of time and all you can really tell the person waiting on the other end is I'll be there soon.  Homegrown is another great ballad about making a life for yourself on your own terms.  Another theme I can easily relate to and find myself gravitating to in my song choices.  Also listen to the title track to cd, Stories They Tell, Six Nations Calendonia, and Johnson Grass.

While I was looking for videos from Greenfest, I stumbled upon this video about the album he wanted to make.  Really cool insight.

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