Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Music Tuesday - Wide Listener


My twitter and Facebook timelines have been all abuzz about this release.   Drew Kennedy has one of the most unique voices in music.  It's a voice that is distinct and highlights the emotions in his songs. I like a good put together album.  This is one of those.  I hope that if you are a regular reader of mine you know I don't like party songs. I just can't handle those songs.  I like music that makes me think, that hit my head and my heart in a way that instantly takes me to the places the songwriters were at when the song was born.  These songs on here make me feel like I am in a movie scene.  I see the characters vividly and how the storyline plays out. The most simple and the most haunting ballad is Sleeping Alone. This what I imagine a songwriters life on the road is like.  It is the musician life that we may never understand. Lonely at times, confined to hotel walls wondering how you ended up there and what you gave up to be there.  Jesus Can See You - whoa, just whoa.  If there was ever a song about heartbreak this is it. This song plays out like an opera leaving you thinking you would hate to be on the other end of this argument.  My two other favorites include Hello Goodbye and Rose of Jericho.  Plese know that just because I only mention these four songs doesn't mean the rest of the cd isn't worth checking out.  It is well worth your time and money. I purchased the iTunes version of this cd but I do plan on getting a physical copy.  The nerd in me has to know who all had a hand in this piece of art. I know Brandy Zdan is the background vocal support on Rose of Jericho but I think she is also heard through out the album as well.  With Drew's bass vocals and Brandy's sweet and soft vocal talents combined that is a match up that I would like to hear more of for many years to come.  Those voices are meant to be combined.

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