Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kickstarter Sunday

I have said it before, kickstarter campaigns are the new wave of the music industry.  I love what they mean to you and I as fans.  No longer does a band have to walk along music row to find a medium to put an album out.   Relatively unknown but equally deserving talent can make albums with the help of you and I.   As fans we go see shows, we buy merch, and we tell our friends about these shows.  Which is all well and good.  It helps the bands get down the road.  Why not contribute in a different way?  The first kickstarter I talked about was Jackson Parten.  His album was funded and will be coming out soon.  There are a few notable ones that I wanted to share with you today.  I am a fan of all three projects and want to see these be funded.   If you can spare some change please donate to these worthy artists.  I know they appreciate it! 

  • James Pardo and The Underestimated - I have spoken about him on here quite a bit.  When you come across something that is good, I find that the more you talk about it the more people will listen.  James is a songwriter that needs to be heard by more people.  Probably one of the best kept secrets in south Texas. If you haven't done so already go check out the new stuff he has been posting to his reverbnation page.  

  • Charlie Hagar and the Captain Legendary Band - This band is looking to fund their live double disc cd.  On stage this band is in their element.  I really wish more bands would release their live shows as cd's.  It allows you to feel the energy they bring to the songs and to their fans.  If you have the chance to see them near you soon go check them out. 

  • Jason Eady - Last year Jason came out with Am Country Heaven.  Probably one of the best COUNTRY albums to be released in the last five years.  I just saw him this past Friday and I will tell you it was an amazing show.  If you like the feel and sound of classic country like Haggard, Jones, and Jennings than you will like Jason.  I wish more of what was played on radio sounded like the songs he plays. Alas though that is why we are in FM country hell...There isn't a video on his kickstarter like the other two.  Here is a the link to his page for you to check it out.   

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