Sunday, March 24, 2013

Will Hoge Q and A

Another Fabulous weekend is coming to an end.  It was a weekend of musical inspiration.  One that I needed badly.  I feel like I constantly question whether I am on the right track or if my writing is even any good.  I don't mean it in a fishing for compliments sort of way.  I just mean that everything I write comes from some little piece of me that is kind of like you reading my diary.  Music is such a passion and creative outlet that when I write this I really want it to mean something to the reader as well. I read somewhere...ok it was on pinterest but still I liked what it said.
"If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist? Chances are, you are.  The counterfeit innovator is wildly self confident.  The real one is scared to death" - Steven Pressfield "The War of Art"

I say that because I have such a respect for songwriters.  I have always been a weird music kid since I was little and for some reason I always was fascinated with where the inspiration comes from and the emotions behind the lyrics.  It wasn't till I was older that I realized the people who were singing the songs didn't always write them.  At a certain point I found myself looking up to the songwriters instead of the singers.  I remember the day I first heard Will Hoge on the radio.  I was in New Braunfels on the loop leaving work.  This song Silver and Gold came on.  I was blown away before the it even got to the chorus.  It was like a little bolt of lightning struck me.  I knew I had to hear more from whoever this person was. I didn't care that I was driving, if Mattson didn't announce who was playing that song I was gonna google it as soon as I could.  When I found out it was Will Hoge I became obsessed with hearing everything I could from him.  I am pretty sure I was telling anyone who would listen to me about him.  That was sometime around 2009 maybe 2010...It never worked out for me to see him till this weekend.  Boy am I glad that I didn't miss my chance Friday.  That was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time.  I have never seen Bruce Springsteen before...I hope one day I will get to but see Will is what I imagine it would be to see the boss.  It was high energy and he gave it his all.  I had the chance to ask Will some questions.  It was intended for this interview to come out before the show but I just really wasn't sure about it so after seeing him this weekend and feeling like I had been revitalized by the music I decided to put it out now.  For those of you who have no idea who Will Hoge is he is the songwriter of Even if it Breaks Your Heart.  No Eli Young Band didn't write it...So here you go my interview from one of my favorite songwriters and some pics from Friday night.

With the recent success from Even If It Breaks your Heart, do you feel like now there are more eyes on what you are doing?  Does that effect the way you approach songwriting?
It's certainly changed the way folks perceive me as a songwriter. It hasn't changed the process at all for me though. 

I recently did an interview with Adam Hood.  He mentioned ya'll are going to be doing some co-writing.  Are there any other co-writes that you are really excited about and want to share?Writing with Don Schlitz a bunch and that's fantastic. I've got some stuff coming up with Chris Stapleton. He's a friend but we've never written. I'm excited about that. You have the Texas run coming up in March.  Most notably for the readers March 22nd you will be at Texas Music Theater in San Marcos.  As someone who has played to many different audiences is there a difference in coming to Texas versus other states you have played?
We love Texas. It's an incredibly supportive music community. I'm flattered at how much it's opened it's arms to me over the last couple years. 

Another Song Nobody Will Hear is a really great song. Unfortunately there isn't enough truth in the music be released on the radio.  There seems to be a trend of songs about being country, having big trucks and tractors, and all the other generic stereotypes.  Do you think this trend will just keep on going?  Is there an end in sight?
Thanks. I'm proud of that song. I think even the powers that be in Nashville are starting to get tractor and trucked out. I think you'll see that change fairly soon. 

What made you want to be a songwriter?
There were no GPA requirements.

Who do you listen to when you aren't playing?
Too many to name.

Where does your inspiration come from?
 Just daily life

The first song I ever heard from you was Silver and Gold.  It is my favorite from your catalogue of songs.  If there is a favorite song of yours that you wrote, what would it be?  Why?
Thanks. I like that one too. I don't really have a favorite

If there was a song that you wish you could have written, what would it be?  Why?
There's a bunch. 'Before These Walls Were Blue' by Wade Bowen comes to mind right off the too of my head. Just fantastic imagery that one and as a father of two sons it really resonates. 

What does 2013 hold in store for you?  
Release of a new studio album and lots more touring

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