Monday, March 11, 2013

The Real World - The Palace, Seguin, TX

All photo credit to Tonya Hill Photography.
This is the true story of what happens when you get four front men, a fiddle player, and lead guitar player; Toss them on stage and ask them to warm up the stage for Jason Boland.  You get lots of off stage laughs, onsite catering…not sure how many green room backstage areas have a crawfish boil, fun opening set, and possibly some roadside assistance at the end of the night.  All told from the perspective of yours truly who watched this all from behind the behind the stage…I could get used to that view.

The Palace in Seguin is an old movie theater that has now been turned into what will hopefully be a venue that will bring many other acts to town.  As someone who believes in the power of what good music can bring, it is great to see someone else who wants to run a place in a way that will benefit everyone.  The musicians, fans, and itself.  They have already brought in Cory Morrow.  This past Thursday they hosted Boland.  Look for other big name acts to come through also.  Friday the 15th, they will host Cody Canada and The Departed with special guests Hillbilly Jug Band and Roadside Libby. I really did like the setup, friendly staff, and the plans they have for the place.   It is one of those fun little old school places to see an intimate show with great sound.  Plus I love that you can sit anywhere in this place and have a good seat.  Really though let’s be honest, we are about to get into summer and the big concert season.  I don’t know about you but I am not the biggest fan of sitting outside sweating my nonexistent balls off.  I mean, I will for a show but I look terrible during concert season…totally ruins my good looks... This place will be air conditioned and you will still get to see a great show.  I am sorry the diva in me likes the AC during summer. 

As for the show, opening up for Jason was Chad Anderson of Southern Strangers, Jeremy Alvarez and Nate Thomas of Troubadour Junkies, and from Roadside Libby Andrew Van Winkle.  Providing some extra fun to the show, also from Roadside Libby was Chris Brady on lead guitar and Frank Martinez on fiddle.  Before I even left San Antonio for the road trip to Seguin I had received a picture of the nice crawfish boil the guys had to pass the time between sound check and showtime.  When I arrived to the scene there didn’t seem to be any nervousness.  Really though, why would there be?  These guys do this all the time.  When it was time to hit the stage they wasted no time get the crowd into it.  There was a mix of originals, covers, and good times had by all. The guys had fun with it.  The crowd was engaged and to be honest I would have rather they played all night. An Opinion I have heard from more than a few since the show.  It is not that I am not a Jason fan.  I love Jason and his music.  It was just that it almost seemed like he was just going through the motions on stage.  There was no heart.  I could have listened to his cd’s on speaker and gotten the same effect. 
Let me start this thought train by saying that what I am going to say is strictly my opinion and in no way reflects the opinion of the parties involved.  If anyone involved has something to say than by all means please comment or email me.  Jason Arrived not long after I did to the scene, immediately going to the bus.  Understandable, he probably wanted to check in with his crew to decide on events for the evening.  Now I know I am not in the music business or on any bus long enough to pretend I know what happens on them (other than the little vision I have in my head)…I just thought that maybe out of niceness, respect, or general curiosity he would have come out to hear the guys playing.  I have listened to Jason for the past ten or so years of my life.  I am pretty sure the other guys have too.  This is someone whose songs they have sung growing up on the stage.  Someone they have seen in concert. It was disappointing to see that he never came up and even talked to the guys.   I understand it is not what he is paid for. He is paid to do a show.  No more, no less.  Nobody ever said you have to mentor or offer advice to the young guys.  I see it more as a pay it forward kind of thing.  At one point Jason was just like the guys on stage.  I am sure he appreciated someone coming up and listening to what he had to say.  I guess at the end of the day one of things you learn in this business, is it is just that business.  It would be naïve of me to think that everyone is nice and as into music as some of us. It is one of those lessons I am learning as I move along in this endeavor.  I did go and observe Jason with the fans and I will tell you that he was having fun with them and signed autographs and took pics. 
Now no true story from hurricane highway would be complete without a little car drama.  I mean here I am traveling down the highways.  Cars are a tricky thing and I am no mechanic.  I am awesome, but I am no mechanic.  I have never changed a tire in my life…I think it is high time I learned.  Either way thanks to the guys from Roadside Libby.  They became my roadside assistance crew and came to the rescue big time when I managed to blow my tire.  So thank you to Andrew, Chris and Frank.  So there you go Frank.  You have officially been included in the blog and yes I did write about it. 

So there you have it.  I am looking forward to this Friday to see Roadside Libby open for The Departed. 


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