Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reckless Ways - CD Release Party

It is here boys and girls! The Southern Stranger boys have released their sophomore cd.  Saturday night brought about a cd release party the likes of which this little side of the world hadn't seen around these parts.  A trucked in stage, lighting rig, camera crew, and professional sound dudes.  I am going to venture to say I am not alone in the fact that at that first cd release show these guys did at Rolling Oaks I don't remember much.  This time around I wanted to take it a little more seriously...seeing as how I now have an audience of readers and for your sake I better remember what the hell I saw. Luckily though for the few that couldn't make it out there for whatever reason the night was filmed for a DVD and CD combo that will be available soon.  When I have an exact date, I will let you know.  Taking part in the celebration was Broseph, Roadside Libby and Kyle Reed Band. 
As I sit here typing this I was thinking about what I wanted to say about the night. It was just one of those fun nights that you don't have very often.  When I say that I mean, people came out to celebrate these hometown boys and the hard work they put into this cd.  I have said it before, this cd was a big step away from the first. The writing is better, the production is better.  What Saturday night was about, was celebrating the hard work that went into what is the final product.  The hard work that most people don't see or really ever think about. The songwriting, the studio time, the rehearsal time that made this cd, Reckless Ways possible.   The opening and closing bands sounded great. The crowd loved them. Plus, people who hadn't previously gotten to hear Broseph, Roadside, and Kyle were given the opportunity to see why Southern Strangers love those guys so much too. It was one of those nights that will hold a special place in my little Grinch like heart.  The best part is that all of us that were there will have that one night on March 23rd when we all got together in Adkins, TX to listen to a great night of music.  I know it is a little sentimental, but how often do you get the chance to relive nights like that on a dvd or cd.  A big thanks goes out to Kevin Brown the owner of Kicaster's and to his staff as well for making the night what it was. 
I as say this as a friend now and not so much as a "blogger/writer"...I have watched the Southern Strangers grow through the years.  From playing small shows, to seeing them open for some of their heroes along the way, and now to another cd.  You have a lot of people that believe you in ya'll.  Me being one of them.  Thank you to the band for being a supporter of me and my dreams, for including me to be a part of Reckless Ways, and as well for making me feel like member of the southern strangers family.  It has been a fun and wild five years.  I look forward to another many years of friendship, fun, and music.    
To conclude if you don't have the new cd. You can get it pretty much everywhere.  ITunes, Amazon, Spotify.  It is well worth it.  I put my stamp of approval on it and I hope you do the same. 

Picture credit to this photo below goes to Jacob Bondesen and Something Clever Productions.




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