Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Music Tuesday - Still Fighting The War

Slaid Cleaves came out with this clever piece of work today. When I talk about songwriters I have a list of about ten that I consistently listen to.  Slaid is in that top ten.  While some might find his music to be too depressing I admire the realistic view of the world.  Even in the most down and out despair the people are in with these songs there is just something whimsical and intriguing that makes me come back for more.  Here are few songs I found online to share with you.  My two favorites off this disk In The Rain and I Bet She Does I can't find anywhere to share with you.  Unfortunately I am not genius enough to figure out how to get them out here. So with that being said check them out on ITunes or Lone Star Music. 
I know I am no where near as influential in the Texas music scene as Mattson Rainer or as funny and cool as Rita Ballou, but I am slightly jealous that I have not had a song written with my name in it. I am just saying that once in my life I want a song with my name dropped in it. So you songwriter peeps, get on that! I am not kidding.

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