Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Full Throttle Radio - Check It Out

Chad Sullins is not just a musician, you can add radio personality to his resume.  Chad has been hosting a weekly radio show on 106.9 KLAP.  The best part of this radio show is, this isn't regular radio.  This friends is internet radio.  So Chad and his band of merry men and women can say what ever they want. Chad features different musicians and songwriters from the Oklahoma music scene.  It's a pretty cool deal... Check it out by clicking here. 

For those of you who don't know who Chad Sullins is, here is my take on his music.

One thing I learned from the show tonight is that Chad and his band stood up to their record company to release his new single Only Girl.  One thing Chad mentioned on the show is the problem with what we hear on the radio is the program directors.  I agree completely. That is why we can't hear a decent song on San Antonio radio to save our life.  So that being said if you dig the song Only Girl - make noise! Request it! Music Snobs unite!

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