Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hurricane Highway Has A YouTube Channel~

I am not sure if it was far more complicated than I thought to set this channel up or if my brain is not working like it should. It is possible with everything going on in my life it is a little of both. Turns out uploading these videos took a lot longer than I expected. Part of that was slow Wi-Fi and the other part of that is learning how this YouTube deal works. So here it is. My channel of videos I have recorded at shows. These videos are rough. I don't have proper lighting and I certainly don't have video director skills to capture everyone in their best angle, light, or make them five pounds lighter. I will try to capture more videos as I go through out the summer. It requires to me to get to places early so I can scope out prime seating real estate to capture the show. We shall see how that goes, me being early to something is about as likely as it snowing in June.  Here's the deal - I tried to set this channel up under hurricane highway, but I am too stupid for this Google Plus crap. When I set up my email way back when, I set it up under my first and middle name.  When I tried to change the name, it turned into a cluster f*!K of epic proportions.  Throwing the computer out the window wasn't an option.  I had to just deal with the fact that the channel is under Lauren Nichole and not exactly Hurricane Highway. Either way though, I know the channel is mine. All mine. Happy viewing.

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