Thursday, May 2, 2013

It will be...wait for it...Captain Legendary.

I laugh at my How I Met Your Mother Barney Stinson reference. Really, I have been waiting to use that title since it came to me Friday at Kicaster's.  Friday night saw the return of Captain Legendary Band to my little hometown bar.  Kicaster is my little cheer's these days, it is my homebase, and the place I can go to relax and hang out with my pals.


I first got to see these guys back in January and was impressed with their music.  When you can take two songs that I love in their original form and make me like them even more in cover form, I will give you my attention.  These guys did that with Willis Alan Ramsey's Northeast Texas Women and Rodney Crowell's Leaving Louisiana.  They are more than a cover band though, I purchased their cd Smoking Barrel and have kept it in my road trip rotation since January.  These guys put on an awesome show and are getting ready to record their first live recording of their show at The Firehouse Saloon in Houston this Saturday, May 4th.  I tried to capture the moments on Friday with my snazzy camera but it turns out I am the worst photog ever (I am considering taking a class on it)...I will instead post video offerings for you to see. Want to wish the guys the best of luck Saturday and we definitely look forward to seeing them back again at Kicasters. I recommend getting their cd's and coming out to see them when they are back in town.

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