Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Open Mic Nights

I have been wanting to post about the open mic nights in the area for a while.   Now with this new found lady of leisure time I secured for myself I able to write more.  Lady of leisure time agrees with me, although I know I can't get by on my good looks forever.  My grandfather had this saying that I borrow from him time to time.  I wish I had been born rich instead of good looking.  I wish this was the case for me too gramps...Alas I will get a new job soon although probably not the dream job I wish for... Anyone need a tour manager or merch girl or a blogger to tour with you so I can make you look cool? Call me...

I am on location at Kicaster's, Thanks to Kevin for letting me mooch the wifi while I eat fried pickles and sip diet coke.  Kevin recently moved the open mic to Wednesday night and I hadn't had the chance to check it out till this week.   I really want to get to more open mics.  They are a free previews of people you may not have heard of.  I like them cause it introduces me to new music.  With the help of my buddy Ernie from Band of Bandits I compiled a list of some open mics in the area that are worth checking out.  I am sure there are more and feel free to let me know if I am missing any of them. 

11th hour bar - San Antonio
Riley's - New Braunfels

The Pour Haus - New Braunfels
Riverroad Icehouse - New Braunfels
The Cove - San Antonio

Kicaster's - Adkins
Cheatham Street Warehouse - San Marcos

The Palace - Seguin

As I always do, I encourage you to get out there and support local music.

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