Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Memorial Weekend Happenings

Starting today it seems like everyone is in holiday mode.  Including myself and I am not even working...I decided I would break down who is playing this week.  These aren't all the shows going on but the ones that if I had a clone or a time machine I would be at.  I thought I had a clear plan of what I was doing but as I look at this list now I am so unsure.  Either way it looks to be a good time at any one of these shows.  I really wish I could be at all of them.  If you go to these shows and you don't see me there, let me know how it is and feel free to tell me the tales of what happens.

Cody Canada at Countyline BBQ
Austin Gilliam and American Aquarium at RiverRoad Icehouse
Band of Bandits at The Pour Haus
Chris King and  Mayeaux and Broussard at Phoenix Saloon
John D. Hale Band at Thirsty Horse

Jason Eady and Courtney Patton at RiverRoad Icehouse
The City Review, Roadside Libby, and James Pardo at Jack's Patio
Scott Wiggins at Tavern in the Gruene

Chad Anderson, Jeremy Alvarez and Rick Trevino at The Palace
Matt Caldwell, Bart Crow Band, and Roger Creager at RiverRoad Icehouse
Cameran Nelson and Guardrail Damage at Billy's Ice
Bri Bagwell at Hooligan's
Slow Rollin Lows at Riley's Tavern
Jordan Minor and Max Stalling at Gruene Hall

Seth Candan, The Damn Quails, and Mike McClure at RiverRoad Icehouse
Midnight River Choir at Billy's Ice
Dia De Gallo with American Aquarium, Hayes Carll, and Turnpike Troubadours at Floore's
Billy Joe Shaver at Riley's Tavern
Kevin Russell (shinyribs) and Bob Schneider at Sam's Burger Joint
Brandon Rhyder at Gruene Hall

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