Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shane Smith & The Saints

Here lately I have had the chance to see some really young and talented bands. Will Arrington Band was one I have mentioned to you.  This past Saturday, I was invited to see another young but truly talented band.  Shane Smith & The Saints  I had been told about him before. When I saw he was at Riverroad Icehouse I decided to head up to New Braunfels.  I listened to Shane's cd Coast while I was getting ready that night. It is a little test I will do when I am about to see a new band. The thought is that if you grab my attention while I am busy than you must be doing something right.   Right way the cd got my attention.   First thing I noticed was his voice and the words coming from that voice.  These lyrics are something special.  When I got out to river road for his show,  I was even more impressed.  Here was a band of young guys with a guitar player who hadn't even had a chance to rehearse with them playing like they had been doing this performance stuff forever.  The band commands your attention and the audience there was more than happy to listen and pay attention.  I walked away with my copy of the cd and have been listening to it all week.  I was surprised to see some of the artists that lent their help to this cd. Aaron Watson, Ryan Engleman of Turnpike Troubadours, Kelly Mickwee, and Liz Foster of the Trisha's. One of the best songs on the album is Work Was Through. Aaron Watson lent his voice to this ballad about Shane's musical influences. 

Shane and the guys have a big show tonight at Stubbs in Austin.  They are also playing Gruene Hall this Thursday May 9th.  I plan on being in attendance. Consider me Shane's newest cheerleader. Here's a little interview they did.

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