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Artist Q and A With Adam Hood

Hello out there to my dozens of readers.  I have been a little quiet this week.  I only like to write when I have been inspired to.  I don't want to force things.  Nothing good comes from all areas of life that rule applies.  I am looking forward to fun weekend of shows. There are some other shows and people to tell you about coming soon.  This Saturday one of the shows I am really excited about is happening at Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, TX.  The wonderful Ms. Courtney Patton is opening up for Adam Hood. If you have never seen Adam play you don't know what you are missing.  What I love about Adam's songwriting is that he is country but not in the way that is sold to us by someone who hasn't lived the life.  He tells the story of how it really is, there are no references how big the tires on his mud truck are.  What you get is an appreciation for the small town stories that are real.  The good and the bad.  He has this distinctive voice and guitar licks that are unmistakably him.   When I asked Adam if he would answer my little want to be Barbara Walters questions I was thrilled he said yes.  So here it is people a Q and A with one of my favorites Mr. Adam Hood!  Here are some videos as well of Adam to listen to while reading.  Enjoy

So many of the bands, I see here in Texas are fans of your music.  It comes across in their song writing and music style. You are an influence to them but who and/or what inspires you? When it comes to lyrical content I'm a pretty practical writer.  Most ideas come from plain old conversation. It can be with my wife, another writer, or just being nosy and listening to other people talk. Musical content comes from other music. I try to constantly listen to as much music as is available to me. There's a chord or a melody in every song that spurs a chord or a melody for me. 

You are going to be at Cheatham this Saturday?  What does the next few months hold in store for you?  Any really cool gigs you want to brag about? Seems like I'm pretty busy this spring and its a good thing. Back in November I signed on to play the 4th Sunday of every month in Luckenbach with Jason Eady and Brian Keane. That's a great gig on so many levels. Being in that town is obvious why the gig is great because I've never been to a place that has THAT kind of vibe. Also, Jason and Brian are two of my closest friends in the music scene.  They're the guys I talk to regularly and the ones I send my songs to if I want an honest opinion. It's a fun show. Since josh Abbott released "I'll sing about mine" as a single, I've accepted a good string of shows as his opening act in the southeast! It's wild, but the region  I'm from is relatively new to my music, so some of these places I'm playing with josh are ones I'm doing for the first time. 
What is coming for Adam Hood this year?  IE any new music or cool co writes you are planning. Man, I have all sorts of unrealistic plans for this year. I've been writing a LOT since the new year and its great. I'm writing with Will Hoge in a few weeks and that's a big one for me. I've been a fan for a long time and all his success recently is well deserved. I got a phone call from Jack Ingram last week about writing soon and he's another one that's huge for me. I remember jack coming to play in my hometown in 1994!! He was the first Texas artist I laid eyes on and our paths have run together in strange and funny ways ever since. 
 You have had the opportunity to play in some really cool venues.  If you could choose one, which venue is your favorite? Why? I get that question a fair amount and it really is a tough one to answer. Every place is different and they all have their own charm. I have a good story and a bad story about most of the places I play these days and that's very cool. It means these places are becoming comfortable and that comfort is the only way I can keep from losing it when I travel. But, to answer the question, I'm into the Luckenbach thing right now. I really love it there. 
 If you could tell one crazy from the road story, what would it be?  You can change names of the parties involved if needed. This isn't my BEST story from the road (I'm sure I blacked out while creating my best story) but this one popped in my head the other night... I did a week of shows with JJ Grey and Mofro a few years back. The first show was in Gainesville, FL which is the area where they got started. I was solo in front of a sold out room of Mofro fans who had no idea who I was, but I played all 45 minutes without a slanderous remark from the crowd and walked off the stage. The tour manager met me right off stage and said "dude, they just towed your car while you were playing". I parked next to their bus in a no parking zone. So I spent all the money I made that night getting my Chevy venture out of the lot. 
Out of all the songs you have written, which one do you feel the most proud of and why?  Another tough question that I might not answer the same if asked tomorrow. The Tennessee Will is one of my prize cows these days. I wrote it with pat McLaughlin and, although I've never written a song with pat I don't really love, I think we nailed that one. I think the vibe of that song is the essence of who I am as a musician. To me there's a difference between being southern and being a redneck, hillbilly, or whatever other derogatory term the rest of the world labels us as (and that, sadly, we accept and embrace).  I feel like that song is sort of what being southern should "sound" like... Rather than like some of the current country music sounds. 

The idea of this blog is to talk about and promote artists that aren't household names and are working hard to build a career. I am sure you have seen and heard some great music out on the road.  Have you seen any great bands or musicians out there that the rest of us should give a listen to?                                                     My friend Brent Cobb is an artist to keep an eye out for. He's from GA and his hometown is about a 2 hour drive from mine. I could write his bio for you, but I'll spare you the long-winded answer (this time) and say we wrote Grandpa's Farm (on my newest cd) and wrote a song called "go outside and dance" that Eli young recorded and released online. He's as genuine and clever a writer and person as I've ever met. It's a different level of country music. 
What made you want to become a musician? To really think back, I've just always loved music. I don't know of any specific "burning bush" moment that put me on this path.  When I was a kid I would make guitars and mics out of cardboard until my parents had to buy me a guitar (out of pity for their weirdo son). I've always loved to play and sing and I always run into music that keeps me feeling that way. 

 The last q and a I did was with Forest Wayne Allen.  I like to have each musician ask a question for the next band or artist to answer.  This is his question.  What to you is the difference in confidence and arrogance, and how has either helped or hurt your career?  I think the difference is the focal point. Arrogance seems to have a self-centered focus. Arrogant people seem to be sold on themselves as a whole... Not any goal, platform, accomplishment , etc. Confidence is is different. Most people have to GIVE themselves confidence or absorb it from the encouragement of others. And it usually focuses more on a belief. People develop confidence to get over that hurdle in front of them. I think being unaware of the difference has been a tough thing for me to learn. It isn't my nature to be assertive or competitive and so I've let those little moments pass me by... Returning a phone call that might have created my best song or most memorable show, Introducing myself to someone that could be a vital part of my career, and so on. I tell myself that I neglect those things due to a lack of confidence, but I cringe to think deep down I do it out of the arrogance that makes me think I "don't need" to do those things.  Whew... That's heavy!!
To check out where Adam is playing next here is the link to his official website.

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