Monday, February 25, 2013

The Palace, The Stragglers, The Departed

Big News in the Hurricane Highway world.  As you can see from the above pics Jason Boland and The Departed boys are coming to town.  To Seguin to be exact, at a new venue The Palace Theater.  I got to meet the owner at Roadside Libby's show in New Braunfels last week.  I am pretty excited for what he has planned for this venue. Also that there will be an air conditioned venue to go to when it's 100 plus degrees at 11 at night! First and foremost some of my favorite bands/friends are going to be opening for those shows in the picture above. 
On March 7th opening for Jason is Chad Anderson of Southern Strangers, Andrew Van Winkle of Roadside Libby, Nate Thomas and Jeremy Alvarez of Troubadour Junkies.
On March 15th opening for The Departed is Roadside Libby.
Exciting stuff for those guys.  To see what else they have coming up you can check out the venues website  I am looking forward to see who they have coming next.
Support live music wherever you are!

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