Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tales From The Highway - Chapter One

Part 1

I found a little bit of paradise in downtown New Braunfels Friday night.  The Pour Haus is a relatively new bar that opened up where the Red Rooster café used to be.   They are hosting music about four times a week out there.  Friday they had Chris King, Forest Wayne Allen, and Jordan Minor.  It wasn’t originally my plan to go to New Braunfels that evening, but when the lineup calls for it exceptions should be made.  The venue is awesome…open and airy with a nice menu. This is the kind of place that I would want to spend my days off at just hanging out and enjoying the scenery.  See the pics below. 


 I also got to meet Brian Strickland the operator of Music of New Braunfels another site that has the same mission as I do.  To promote these great people that you aren’t hearing on the radio but are playing for audiences in venues that see the light of their talents.  Be sure to check out the information Brian is posting on his facebook and twitter pages.  There is a lot of valuable information to be found there.

As for the guys playing this was a country song – guitar picking kind of night.  Forest, Chris, and Jordan lean more towards traditional country than what you are hearing out there from the terribles. I define the terribles to be Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and basically any “country artist” that thinks they need to turn a song into an 80’s power ballad to be played on the radio.  While to some traditional country might seem boring, I enjoy the fact that you have to listen to these songs to hear the story being told. It goes back to the old school way George Jones, Johnny Cash, and Waylon used to make music.  What the guys proved is that sometimes you don’t need to have all the pomp and circumstance to make people take note and listen.  What you need is a few chords and simple truths about life, love, and the art of storytelling.
In the next few weeks I should be posting a little artist spotlight on him.  Stay tuned.
 He just came out with an album titled 1983,  It has gotten some really great reviews. I got to listen to some of the songs from it at Billy's last week. I'm looking forward to seeing a full band show from him soon. 
These guys are playing all around New Braunfels.  If you like what you hear come out to a show sometime. 
Support live music wherever you are.

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