Monday, February 25, 2013

Patton, Hood, And Cheatham

I woke bright and early Sunday morning for the day job and even though I was tired and grumpy at 7 am I couldn't help but smile about the night before.  No I didn't meet a cute boy or have one of those best night ever beer commercial nights. Who has those anyway?  They really should make those ads more know a drunk girl in the corner crying over the ex, two stupid dudes puffed up fighting by the bar, antisocial weirdo creeping everyone else out, someone puking in the ladies from too much jaeger, waking up the next day feeling rough as hell, realizing you took the weird guy home and need a plan to get rid of him.  What? Do those things not happen at your bar or when you drink?  anyway.  I woke up aglow from the music I saw the night before.  Courtney Patton and Adam Hood were playing at Cheatham Street in San Marcos.  First off when you walk into Cheatham it is not the most glamorous venue you will ever see.  I am cool with that.  If you are true music nerd like I am, you can feel the history and envision the greatness of those who have once stood in that room.  Stevie Ray Vaughn, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, and Todd Snider to name a few. On this particular night with Courtney and Adam I knew I was going to see a cool show.  I didn't realize and I should have, that I was going to see a supercharged tell the whole world about it cause it was that cool type of show.  Courtney as I stated in the last women who rock showcase was amazing.  This girl can sing!  As I also said before it's my personal mission to share her greatness to anyone that will listen.  With Adam coming up to some lead guitar magic the opening set ended with this really cool cover of Led Zeppelin's ramble on.  Adam wasted no time getting into the set starting off the night with Hell of fight.  Always the constant show man, he had everyone in the crowd singing along to every song and laughing at his serious dance moves as the shots kicked in. I love his cover of Raspberry Beret! Lucky for those of you who weren't there I found some delightful little videos from that night to post for you.  Also a HUGE thanks to James Fillpot and Alaisha Holt for taking some awesome photos that I can share with the masses.  I really need to figure out my camera situation. 

Ignore the weird creepy kissy couple in  the beginning of the video.  Love Soulshine.  Glad he covered it.
Pics from the show.


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