Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tales From The Highway - Chapter 2 - Phoenix Rising...

Part 2
After listening to the guys at the Pour Haus, I headed down the street to the Phoenix Saloon.  When I was living in New Braunfels back in 2009-2010 The Phoenix had just opened. I was fortunate enough to see some really fun shows there.  Acoustic Drew Kennedy, Jason Boland, Matt Powell, Adam Hood and full band Javi Garcia and Dustin Welch shows.  The architecture of the building is just cool too.  It always made me feel like I was in this little building full of history.  James Pardo was having a full band show.  It seems like I have seen James quite a bit lately but it is usually in song swaps where I happen to catch him. Plus I don't really get tired of seeing him.  He doesn't ever play a bad show.  He's such a great songwriter and truly one who doesn't get enough recognition for his talent. I haven’t seen a full band James Pardo & the Underestimated show since August.  I was curious to see how the new stuff would sound with the whole band.  It sounded great!  I walked in at the right moment, as he was playing Inside Out.  I have posted some videos before but for those of you who don't follow all the posts, I will post some of the new stuff that he is playing.  I am really looking forward to what will be on the new album.  If I am not mistaken, I think James is working to start that process very soon. 
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