Monday, February 25, 2013

Ladies Who Rock Showcase - Courtney Patton

When I first saw Courtney open for The Trisha's at the beginning of the Month I was blown away as soon as she hit the first verse of her song. She opened with It's Not Easy.  In that moment I knew I was witnessing something special.   Seeing her again this past weekend with Adam Hood I was even more impressed. She is one of those great songwriters much like Lori McKenna that can paint you a picture with lyrics.  Her new album that is set to come out soon.   I am convinced that she has been the best kept secret in the songwriting circle.  Her song The Fool was covered by The Trisha's on their High, Wide, and Handsome Cd.  If you weren't in the audience at Cheatham Street Warehouse this past Saturday you missed out on a great show. One which I will tell you all about in my next post.   I am making it my personal mission to tell anyone who will listen to me just how amazing she is.  So if you like what you hear from her, help me spread the word!
She can cover Led Zeppelin like no one else.  You should have seen her and Adam rock this song!
Check out her reverbnation page to see where she will be next. 

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