Sunday, February 17, 2013

Copper and Glass - A Little Cali Gem I Stumbled Across Today.

With social media it is possible for anyone to sell themselves as a band, model, superhero, or whatever else they want you to believe.  With my twitter, off and on I have bands that follow me or message me to check out there band cause they sound like the next big thing.  It may sound weird but I have this little intuition about who I will like or who I won't.  Through one of my social media outlets I stumbled across this band out of California.  It could have been boredom, it could have been something else.  Somehow the music gods shined down on me today. I am not sure, but I decided to Google them.  It lead me to their reverbnation page, which has since led me to spotify where I am listening to there cd.  The band is Copper & Glass.  If you like Band of Heathens, Folk Family Revival, Uncle Lucius, and Ryan Adams it is possible you will like this band too.  Since they are from Cali, it will probably be a while before they make it to this state.  Check these guys out and if you like them tell your friends. Word of mouth is still one of the best marketing tools out there.  Here is the link to the website.  If you don't have the Spotify app, download it and listen to their self titled album.  It is good all the way through. I haven't been this excited about a cd since I got Folk Family's Unfolding Cd.
 Copper and Glass Website

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