Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lincoln Durham - One Man, Lots of Instruments.

I want you to picture the inside stage at Floores in your mind and picture this set up.
A hardshell suitcase
kickdrum with a tambourine on top
acoustic guitar
hollow body electric guitar
cigar box guitar
This is what you get when you see Lincoln. He is the lone man of this show using all these instruments.  There is no bassist, drummer, lead guitar player.  Just a man and his music at its gritty best.  It was one of those shows that I watched like a like a fascinated little kid. I had seen YouTube videos but to see this guy in!! There is nothing else like it. I appreciate people that are different and make you stand up to take notice.  He is one of those people.  It takes gut to say I am doing things this way and you can either listen or leave it.  I admire that in musicians.
I saw this photo on twitter. These are two of my favorite Lincoln's. Lincoln Durham and Lincoln Lankford from Folk Family Revival. This would be a cool show with those two on the bill...hmmm, I need to talk to someone about booking that.
The cigar box guitar I talked about earlier apparently it is called a diddly bow. Who knew?

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