Thursday, April 11, 2013

So Many Shows Only One Me.

What a week it has been. Finding my Adam Hood Interview on his website and Paul Thorn tweeting me that I should attend his show Friday...Is this what Cinderella felt like when she went to the ball?  I would like to think so..I am finally starting to come out of the coma that has been life.  That is why March was so quiet for me.  It was a lot to take in, but in a good way.

Spring is among us which means lots of fun shows to attend!  Like last night at County Line, got to see The Damn Quails!  Such a fun show!  I am happy to announce coming soon a full band interview with those guys will be on here.  I feel like I am fing Barbara Walters and I love it!  Also got to see Six Market Blvd.  Those guys put on a bad ass show.  I have a new appreciation for Usher's Nice and Slow thanks to them. I will also talk more about that later.

Friday 4/12 there are more than a few shows I wish I could attend, but alas I can't be in four places at once. So here is a little run down of those shows.  If I miss anyone I normally talk about on here, sorry.  Let me know I will send an update on the twitter and book of faces.

Consider this my own version of the Sound check they have on knbt.  

Band of Bandits @ Hooligans Bar and Grill.  I have really been wanting to catch this band, and I promise I will make it out to one of their shows soon!

Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers @ The Pheonix Saloon - New Braunfels
I stumbled across this lady when I was listening to the honkytonk station on the tv.  When I heard If I Can't Trust You With A Quarter I knew this girl was cool.  I think this could be my theme song...Also Do you love the cd cover as much as I do?

The Damn Quails @ Billy's Ice - New Braunfels
Let me tell these guys played acoustic full band and it was a hell of a show.  Come out to Billy's to see what they can do with it all on the table.  You will have a great time!
Mike McClure Band @ The Palace - Seguin
One of my favorite shows to see.  Mike is a genius and he has Tom Skinner in his band.  One of the best song writers to come out of Oklahoma.  Also inspiration for these stickers that show up in random places in between Texas and Oklahoma.

So, Where will I be you may be asking?  If you aren't I am going to tell you anyway.  I have the keyboard, I make the rules...Drumroll please.
Paul Thorn and Lincoln Durham @ Floores Country Store
For those of you who don't know who Paul Thorn is, I am sure you have heard Mood Ring by Wade Bowen.  Well Paul is the guy who wrote that song.  Paul and Lincoln are two guys I have been wanting to see for at least a year now.  I couldn't miss this chance.  Plus I got this super cool tweet from Paul the other day.  I had my mind made up already, but this was too cool.  Don't judge me too much. I am a dork.
There are other worthy shows to go see I am sure.  Get out there and support live music.  If you go to any of these shows listed above, tell  me how they were.  I could talk music stuff all day long! Have fun and be safe!



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