Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Quarterly Hurricane Highway Awards - Quarter One

The other day it occurred to me that I wanted to do a recap of the quarter.  I am not sure who actually reads every post I do or who is an occasional reader.  The ACM's or CMA's was on the other day, I didn't watch it.  It got me thinking though that maybe I should do an awards ceremony of sorts.  I am thinking I will try to do this every quarter to recap some of the golden moments of the blog so far.  This will also catch up those of you who don't read it all the time.   (I am sure that is only a few of you, right? Right???) So welcome friends, family, frenemies, and who ever else reads this to....

  • Kick Ass Musician of the Quarter - Female : Courtney Patton - Look for an album from her to coming in May. Also you can see her with Jamie Wilson and Brandy Zdan at Gruene Hall 4/18.
  • Kick Ass Musician of the Quarter - Male : Will Arrington - Look for him and his band to be playing in San Marcos and hopefully soon all over.  He also will have a new album out soon. 
  • Kick Ass Band of the Quarter - Copper and Glass - This is a band that I found out of Cali. Word on the street is they are coming to Texas soon.  Give them a listen, good stuff coming from those guys. 
* CD's To Add To Your Collection (Released & available where music is sold)
  • Chris King - 1983 
  • Southern Strangers - Reckless Ways
  • Holly Williams - The Highway
  • James Pardo -  Autobiography, Chapter One
*Standouts To See in Action.  Check em out, like them on Facebook and such to see where they will be next.
  • Chad Sullins and Last Call Coalition
  • Will Owen Gage
  • James Pardo and The Underestimated
  • Roadside Libby
  • Captain Legendary Band
  • Jason Eady
*Favorite Venues - Support these places that keep the live music going!
  • Billy's Ice - New Braunfels
  • Riverroad Icehouse - New Braunfels
  • Kicaster's Country Store - Adkins
  • The Palace - Seguin
Special Thanks to my fellow bloggers that keep me inspired and share their love music with me and the web. 
  • Brian Strickland of Music of New Braunfels
  • Brandon Meyers of Red Dirt Blue Collar
  • Rita Ballou of Rawhide and Velvet
Also thanks to the Q and A artists Forest Wayne Allen, Adam Hood, and Will Hoge.  I am hoping to do more of those in the next few months. 
I have lots of ideas and other posts I am working on and thinking about.  Thanks to everyone for your support for me and the artists I talk about!   See you out on the highway!

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