Monday, April 29, 2013

Wacky Wednesday Happenings - James Pardo and Reckless Kelly

I know it's Monday and they usually are crappy...but I have great news it is over.  Tomorrow is a new day and more importantly we are closer to Wednesday and this fun happening at County Line BBQ. 

Yes it's Reckless Kelly, but one of my favorite songwriters Mr. James Pardo will be opening the show.  I had the chance to hear more new stuff from him when he played at Dirty's Bar and Q in Seguin, not far from New Braunfels on Saturday.  James is heading into Kent Finlay's Cheatham Street Woodshed studio on Friday to start the process of recording his newest album Junk and Jewels. I can't wait to hear it and share it with you. 

Some of you who are my friends with me on Facebook may remember my issue with County Line opening acts and the fact that many of them aren't somewhat local guys and gals.  I did in fact send an email to the powers that be there. For a brief moment I considered posting the conversation on here.  I decided not to, but will tell you the manager I dealt with was very gracious about my email.  Will it change anything about the opening act selection?  I hope.  Hopefully none of the bands I listed in the email are black listed by the loud opinion of this gal here.  We sha'll see what happens. 

I look forward to seeing friends out and about Wednesday at CountyLine.  Don't forget your canned food or money donation for the San Antonio Food Bank.  It's for a good cause people! 

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