Monday, January 21, 2013

A trainwreck is coming through.

I have talked about the days of 92.5 the outlaw before.  It was one of those stations that I listened to all day, every day when it was in existence.  If I heard a song that made me take notice I would hunt down the nearest computer to find out as much info about the song as I could.  One of the bands that caught my attention was Trainwreck.   The band consisted of Bryan Boyce (lead singer), Kyle Reed (bass), Kendall Merryman (guitar) and Rob Fernandez(drums). I got to see them open for Bleu Edmondson at the original Jack's Patio way back when.  I think it was around the time Lost Boy came out.  I do know it was when he still had Devin Leigh as his lead guitar player. (I wonder what happened to him. hmm) I am not sure on all the specifics of why, but the band broke up sometime a few years back.  Bryan Boyce the lead singer has been off in San Marcos living the hippie college songwriting lifestyle.  Kyle Reed the bass player has been off playing gigs  and writing songs.  Both are the front men for their own bands.  On their own, they have a knack for writing and covering songs that showcase their strong vocals.  I have been able to catch them separately playing out and about over the years.  A year or two ago they did a little reunion at Rolling Oaks sports bar but I wasn't able to attend.  I just saw today on the book of faces that they are going to reunite again!  This time at Jacks Patio on March 30, 2013.  I am looking forward to this.  As I type away like a mad scientist over here I have been listening to the songs they posted to their reverbnation page. It takes me back.  I forgot how much I like their song Another Round. Trainwreck guys if you are listening can you upload cocaine blues on there?  Please.

Bryan just recently released a video. Everything about this video makes me long for the college life I never had.  I am suddenly feeling like I should go to college but only for the parties.  

Here is Kyle Reed out at Sam's Burger Joint. This is a cover of a Tim Krekel song that he does. 
I do want to showcase a song that he and his brother wrote called Thankful For It All.  It was written based on a YouTube video they watched about a family living through a tornado in Joplin. Kyle tells the story at the intro much better than I do.

Here is the link to the reverbnation page.  Come relive the outlaw glory days with me on March 30th.

Here is the link to Jack's Patio Bar also.  Check out what other things they have going on.

Support live music wherever you are. 

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