Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh ya! What the hell happened to them?

In the last ten years I have seen and heard a lot of music.  Some great, some not so great. Sometimes though the ones I liked fall off the radar.  I have decided to do a little Vh1 series similar to "Where are they now?".  I am calling it -

Oh ya! What The Hell Happened To Them?

Edition 1 The Bois D'Arcs

I remember hearing this band back in 2004 or 2005. (My timeline could be off.  I can't find release dates on the internet)  I bought their self titled cd The Bois D'arcs back then.   It had some highlight songs on it.  Songs like Sick of it All, Wasted, and my personal favorite Better Off Tonight.  Better Off Tonight was in heavy rotation on jukebox at The General Store (The General Store was the equivalent to cheers.  It's since closed down. That was a fun little place.) that summer if I am not mistaken. I did some research on the band today.  From what limited stuff I could gather on the internet the band is still together.  They play mostly up around their hometown of Muenster, TX.  It doesn't look like they are touring much far from home.  That's a shame.  I am currently listening to their music on reverbnation.  They have a sound similar to No Justice.  I would be curious to see how their live show is.  There were a few videos on YouTube of them but nothing of great quality to listen to.  Here are the songs on their reverbnation page. *

*I am no computer expert.  It took me forever to finally figure out how to get the player below to work on here. Yay team Lauren!

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