Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pardo(n) me..have you heard James Pardo?

Happy Tuesday throughout the land.  I am enjoying a nice day off reporting to you from an undisclosed patio location. Haha, ok really it's not that top secret.  It just made me feel like a real journalist for a second. It's a beautiful Texas day and I am sitting outside listening to some tunes.  James Pardo just released some new tracks he's been working on that I thought I would share for you. 

James as a songwriter is unapologetically James.  What I mean by that is he does what he does with out any thought to what you or I think.  I commend him for that.  His songwriting style is one all his own.  The lyrics are smart and convey the perfect amount of imagery to give you insight to what feeling he is trying to get across. James has been playing around San Antonio and New Braunfels for the past few years.  At one point I think he even used to host an open mic out at Countyline.  Countyline people if you are listening, perhaps you could start doing that again...You can check his reverbnation page to see where he'll be soon.  His page has tracks from his Autobiography album which I just got about a month ago.  It is in heavy rotation in my workday slave to the man playlist.  Amongst No Justice, The Damn Quails, and Folk Family Revival.  Below are the two new songs and some other Pardo tunes I felt like throwing in today. 

James' Reverbnation page.

Also just so you know if you like anything you hear and want to buy the music feel free to stop by ourtracks.  They have almost all the music I have mentioned available for purchase straight to your computer or phone.  (Not sponsored by them or getting an payolas, just a fan of Larry's support of this music scene).

Here is he has Will Owen Gage on the guitar.  This guy is impressive on lead guitar.  I was in awe of his talent when I saw him play. 
With the steel guitar and Keegan Reed on Lead guitar this song sounds awesome! 
Here is singing a Hal Ketchum song. Love his version of this this song.

Happy Tuesday once again folks, there are some good shows in the concert plans this week. This makes my heart happy. 
Support live music wherever you are. 

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