Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh ya! What the hell happened to them?

Edition 2: South First Band
Once upon a time in the land of Lufkin, TX  came a band known as South First Band.  It was a little four piece band. Thanks to radio airplay they were  given the opportunity to open up for the big name bands.  And then like that they were gone.  So the story goes about this band.
This is a band that in my opinion had a lot of promise.  The lyrics and the lead and harmony vocals were done just right to show case the songs. Their first and only cd is Like The Movies.  The title cut song is still one of my favorite songs. Ice Cold Beer and a Cigarette is one of those great weekend anthems.  Two more standouts on the cd are Stars Over Austin and Something Real.  This was a cd that was written by the members of the band - Jeff Harvard on vocals, Warren Smyrl on guitar, Steven Adams on bass, and Pat Overstreet on drums. It was produced by Mack Damon. I was able to see this band open for Brandon Rhyder not long after his first live cd came out at Midnight Rodeo. This is back when they tried doing live music on Thursday nights.  That is on my list of the top shows I have seen my lifetime. The band broke up sometime about five years ago to go off and settle down in to adult life.  Jobs, homes, families; the very kind of thing that I avoid as I get older. In doing some Facebook research it appears they got back together for a reunion show last year.  I have a dream that one day they will get back together full time and take the show on the road.  Till then I will hold on to their koozie and cd liner in collection.  Not kidding. Here's proof.
Here is a pic from the above mentioned Midnight Rodeo show.
 I have attached their whole cd below.  I love that I finally figured out how to do this...go me.

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