Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ladies Who Rock Showcase - Lori McKenna

I have decided to do a series on the ladies whose music has inspired me.  These are ladies who write songs about topics from everyday life. You won't find anything in these articles that resembles what the radio is playing.  I am not sure the specifics of my audience.  I want to do this showcase of ladies who rock for that one girl out there in her room writing songs hoping to be more than a pretty face on a stage.  If this inspires at least one girl to keep going when it doesn't seem like she is getting somewhere, than I have succeeded.

Tonight's inaugural edition will showcase Lori McKenna.  As a songwriter Lori has this remarkable ability to paint pictures with words.  Her characters are flawed.  There are no happy ever after love songs.  What you get instead is a story of real relationships.  Complete with the trials and tribulations we see an every day life.  These aren't party songs. There is no sitting on a pontoon boat. Nor going clubbing with the girls.   This is songwriting that lets the listener travel down the road the characters are taking, whether the road is good or bad is up to the listener. She was in town last April but I sat that show out for some dumb reason.   It's a decision I regret...Thankfully though she confirmed to me via Twitter (I love twitter.) that she is planning a fall trip back through Texas.   There is no way  I am going to miss that show!  Here are some videos of Lori's talented singing and songwriting.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


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  1. I love her... she definately has reality down in her poetry. I havent seen her yet either but will be keeping my eye out for that next show :)