Saturday, January 12, 2013

Soooo you're a groupie??

No other word can make my blood boil like the g word.  Unfortunately it's a question that I am asked far more than I care to admit.  I shall give you an example of the typical conversation I run into.  Let me set the scene. I (the musically enlightened)  am enjoying a show, watching the chord progression, listening to the lyrics, thinking how much I do or do not like the song choice, vocal range, etc.  Some slack jawed cowboy walks up to me...and the conversation almost always goes as follows.

Cowboy -  Hey um so this band's not bad. Who is this?
Lauren- Its (fill in the blank), have you heard of them?
Cowboy - No...
Lauren  Stares blankly...thinks to herself he's cute enough, I'll enlighten him... Ok well this band is from (any old town) they were produced by (a name I think they should know but I get the blank stare and know they have no idea who I am talking about) continue with my speech in hopes something will strike and he won't be as musically challenged as he is coming across..(wishful thinking)
Cowboy- Sooo you're a groupie or something?
Lauren - rolls eyes and thinks to herself...yep he's that dumb. No I am not...I am just a girl who knows her information...and where are you from??

And so the conversation goes, and I know that the cute cowboy is not worth my time.  Either way I walk away from that scenario annoyed...Here's the deal and the official press release.  Lauren Nichole Gonzalez is no groupie.  Simply a girl who knows her shit. I have seen the Vh1 documentary they made about the groupies of the 60's and the 70's...Did you know Elvira was considered one of  Elvis's groupies...If I am not mistaken I think he is the reason she ended up leaving vegas (she was a showgirl at the time) and ended up becoming Elvira because he told her while they were chatting and playing piano that she needed to get out of Vegas and do something with her life... Now I know not all stories are like that...want evidence?  Watch seasons one and two of Brett Michaels Rock of Love.. Either way you shouldn't mistake a girl who actually cares about the music and knows what she is talking about as a groupie.  And so with this in mind I will call it a night.  I have a big day on my hands folks.  I am going into the studio tomorrow. I must be prepared.  ( and yes I did get to say that tonight).  Hope everyone had fun tonight and there will be a review of all I witnessed tonight...That should be ready Sunday or Monday night.  Good times.

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