Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In the land of sausage...where did the ladies go?

Now before you read to much into the title this isn't going to be a raunchy blog...just a call to awareness if you will...Can someone, anyone in the San Antonio area, tell me who is a kick ass female worth seeing?  Now I am not talking about the chick doing her best karaoke Miranda Lambert - Pistol Annie's impression.  I am talking someone writing songs that can compete with the big voices and songwriters in Texas.  Currently right now there about five ladies I am listening to and think highly of that having been touring and writing songs. 

Kelly Willis
The Trisha's
Bri Bagwell
The Rankin Twins
Kylie Rae Harris
There are some other names I keep hearing about that I need to check out like Courtney Patton (who wrote a song on the Trisha's cd), bonnie bishop and Sheila Marshall. 
Consistently I hear the same argument woman don't sell tickets or beer in a bar.  Here's the deal I don't buy that.  Cause these gals are selling tickets and booking shows.  Maybe the answer is we as a whole aren't giving them the credit they deserve in the boys club.  Is there enough promotion? Is there enough radio airplay?  In the San Antonio area?  I will answer that question with a big fat NOOOOO!
I understand money makes the world go round and keeps bars and dancehalls open.  It once again comes down to the quality versus quantity debate.  In my opinion lets keep the quality of what made this whole Texas Music scene great.  In order to do that though in can't be an all male club.  I don't want to hear a thousand songs about going to bar and drinking the girl off your mind or how she is just a bitch that cheated on you (there was probably a reason that happened). 
Sometimes its good hear a song from a ladies point of view. They can be just as rocking as a man in concert. Brandy Zdan who plays steel guitar, lead guitar and I think accordion at the Trisha's shows could give a lot of guitar players I know a run for their money. 
So to finish this little ladies who rock showcase, if you know of any rocking ladies that should be showcased in the San Antonio, New Braunfels area tell me about them.  However please don't tell me about the girl you are trying to get in the pants of that sings great karaoke.  I will tell you now I am a horrible wingman.  Tails of my horrible wingmandom(yes I made up a word for it) are known through out the land.  Ask my guy friends they can tell you.
Support live music wherever you are.

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  1. Ashlee Rose, Stephanie Macias (Little Brave) and Rachel Lavens all come to mind