Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kickstarters - Who needs record companies??

When I saw the posting from Larry Mofle today about Jackson Partens's Kick starter, I made myself a note in my handy dandy notebook (kudos to you if you get that reference) to write about it when I got home.

Let me start this thought process of mine off with a tiny little disclaimer.  I am in no way a musical expert or genius. Simply just a gal with an opinion...Here is my interpretation of what a kick starter is.  If I am wrong or miss a point feel free to correct me.  Kick starters are a way for fans, friends, or family (sometimes all of the above) to help you get your next album funded so you can share it with the world.  Depending on who the artist is working with and where the record is being recorded and produced a simple little cd that you don't want to pay 10 or 20 bucks for or that one song you paid 1.99 (or whatever the going iTunes rate is)  can cost a musician anywhere from $1 to $1 billion (and you have to say it in your best Dr. Evil impression, cause that's how I am saying it as I type this) to get made. So when one does not have a record label this is how they get their art to the masses. 

Personally I love everything about what my little interpretation of a kick starter stands for.  I think this is the new wave of the music industry and certainly the best way to ensure the vision of the  musician will always stay the way the musician wants it. 

That being said  let me take a minute to share with you my love of Jackson's songwriting.  I first heard of him thanks to clear channel radio's attempt at a Texas Country station in San Antonio 92.5the outlaw.  Thanks to the outlaw I was introduced to some very good singer songwriters from all parts most importantly this town! (who remembers full throttle, trainwreck and cj7,  cause I do) Anyway somehow I got my hands on a copy of Jackson's cd Sum of all Parts.  In my opinion one of the best cd's I have listened to in the last ten years.  Favorite song on the album is called "nothing at all"  is in heavy rotation on the sad songs de Lauren playlist.  (don't judge my play list names).  Anyway so as I was saying Jackson has a kick starter campaign that I think is worth donating to.  I certainly plan on it.  I also intend to help out other worthy starters, I consider it my good will to humanity or at the very least the ears of're welcome.

So I encourage you music fans out there if you know of other artists out there also doing these kick starters to help em out.  I am telling you, you could be funding the dreams of the next Stevie Ray Vaughn or Janis Joplin.

Here is the link, go check out Jackson's page.

Also be sure to check out Larry's website OurTracks .

Support live music wherever you are!

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