Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Old Farts United on Friday Night

I kind of went out of sequence on my weekend with the articles I posted these last few days.  It wasn't on purpose.  It's not often I go out three nights in a row.  I try not to do that all the time.  I am not the youngen I used to be.  It takes A LOT more time to recover especially when I am working weekends at the day job too.  Either way though when there is good music to be seen I will make exceptions.  I started my weekend by rolling out to River Road Icehouse in my favorite town New Braunfels, TX.  There was a little shindig going on there for Nick's Birthday.  Nick owns two of my favorite venues in this town.  River Road Icehouse and Billy's Ice. 

Friday night hosted more than the musicians listed above.  One of the million reasons I love New Braunfels is you never know who you will run into.  On this night not only did I get to see Jason Eady, Adam Hood, and Brian Keane.  I got to see Wes Nickson open.  In the audience amongst myself and all the folks who came out to celebrate was Tom Gilliam and Allan Goodman.  The guys on the bill didn't have to, but they were gracious enough to invite Tom and Allan come up and sing their own songs for us.  Eady addressed the Blake Shelton old farts comment with a wonderful rendition of AM Country Heaven.  Adam Hood always puts on a good show.  One thing he does differently from the other guys is play an electric guitar when he does these solo gigs.  It just goes better with the soul in his songs.  Brian Keane unveiled some new stuff that he wrote with William Clark Green.  It is not very often you get to see a show with this much talent in one room.  It was a great night for the old folks indeed! This is why I go to these shows and tell you about them.  No one should be content to just listen to a cd or just read what I am saying.  Live shows can create memories that will last forever. 
Below is a video playlist from each of the artists listed above.  Go check them out!
Wes Nickson
Adam Hood
Brian Keane
Jason Eady
Tom Gillam
Allan Goodman
If you missed this show, you really missed out on a fun night.  Glad I got to be there. 
Support live music wherever you are.

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