Monday, January 14, 2013

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin...

 Great weekend on the hurricane highway.  Started it off with an acoustic song swap night.  Went out to Polecats in Seguin.  Or is it considered in Stockdale?  I'm not sure, I just know its out in the boonies and if you're coming from the China Grove area its MUCH faster to go up 87 than I-10(Damn you MapQuest!) Either way always a great time to see my buddies Nate Thomas and Jeremy Alvarez playing on stage.  Also on the bill with them is Nick Wells. That little youngin has a great voice, first time I got to hear him play and its been a while since I have seen the guys acoustic.  Also in the house enjoying a night off from the road was 3 of the 5 Roadside Libby dudes and Clint Taft.  Always nice to see other musicians and bands come out to support friends.  I will say it was a great time at Polecats the crowd enjoyed the show and all man band jam at the end was a highlight.  Polecats as a venue is homey (and yes bars can be homey feeling), I love the open air patio situation they have going on there.  Frankly if you're bar has a patio and windows I can look out of I am a happy camper.  Something about windowless buildings bothers me slightly...a couple lonestar lights later I am over it though. I wish I could tell you I got awesome pics and videos from the show but I am a terrible picture taker and video taker. (Can't be awesome at everything although I try but for the sake of this thing I am going to have to work on it or find someone who will work for skittles or something.) Thankfully folks in the audience took photos that they shared on Facebook. 
Below is the all man band jam.  (Photo credit to not me)
With Polecats closing at midnight, the party (or really just me) mozied closer to home at Kicasters.  Where they were hosting a song swap themselves.  On the bill was Chad Anderson, Luke Huggins, Bryan Boyce and David Rodriguez.  What wasn't on the bill was the surprise guys that showed up to support this group of pickers, Kyle Reed and James Pardo. This is what I love about acoustic deals and this group of musicians I know, you never know who or what you'll hear.  Always good to see these guys all play. I arrived towards the end of the night so I missed a lot but it was a good time at both venues.  What I appreciate about both Polecat's and Kicaster's is that the owners have an appreciation for not just booking any ole band in their establishments.  They consistently pick good bands that are working to make names for themselves by performing good shows and building their audience one show at a time. I recommend checking out both venues and all the people I mentioned when you can...Now I don't want to be sued so if you're going to check these places out and have beverages do so responsibly.
Support live music wherever you are!

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