Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Some days I question if I really know what the hell I am doing.

I want to take this time to say thank you to everyone for the nice words and encouragement you have shown me about this blog.  It means a lot.  More than I can put into words without being all kinds of mushy and girly and overall just emotional.  It comes in handy especially after some unfortunate emails I had the displeasure of reading.  But alas what's done is done and the past as they can't be undone we can only move from this moment we have.  That being said I am having a moment of reflection so I thought why not post some songs about reflection and picking up and dusting off and in general just some songs I felt like hearing and sharing.
The first song is a James Pardo tune called inside out.  Check out his reverbnation page, good stuff. James is a great songwriter and I have been very lucky to get to know him this past year.
Next up on the reflection playlist is Roadside Libby with their song brokedown. Little side note Tonight at River Road Icehouse  Andrew the lead singer for this band and Chad Anderson from Southern Strangers are song swapping.  They will be there next Wednesday too.  I highly recommend going out there to see them.  Ask Chad to do his Marvin the Martian impression. 
And just cause he is my favorite and I swear if I were to ever have my own reality show this would be the theme song  - the one the only Mr. Chris Knight.
And cause tomorrow is a new day and I feel like I am going in to a battle I'm not sure I'll win. I'll end out tonight with this little number. Todd Snider.
Support live music wherever you are.

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