Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcome to my very first blog on Hurricane Highway!!!
My primary goal for this blog is promote the music and venues that I love in and around the San Antonio areas. While there are a lot and I mean a lot of other Texas Music bloggers out there doing the same thing I am not doing this to be in the scene or make money.  I am doing this solely for the purpose of showcasing the music that speaks to me. 
So sit back and let us all see what is to come 2013. 
One very big highlight I am looking forward to this weekend is I am going the recording studio with my good friends Southern Strangers!  They are releasing their second cd on March 23 and I as well as some other folks are going to be singing on a song for the album.  Big stuff, especially when you consider I have no real music talent.  Just a huge love for great songwriting and instrument playing.  I do dabble in songwriting but trust me its nothing compared to Chris Knight or Steve Earle.  Either way I am so looking forward to this. 
If you have never heard of Southern Strangers here is a little video of the band.
As I said this is my first blog.  I look forward to the adventure this brings telling you about the story of my year all with some great people, places, and adventures that come with it.
Support live music wherever you are.

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